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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crawfish on a Weekend Off

It's Sunday night, and yours truly is making his cousin Julie's crawfish Etouffee' recipe. The Local Daughter and hers truly will be having dinner with us.  Tomorrow it's back into the fray in the Critical Care Unit, whilst I am still feeling in need of "critical care" myself, if only due to the aches and pains of steadily advancing age.  One rather funny thing I've discovered within the mess that is my wounded finger is the "mysterious vanishing stitches"  which the P.A. put into the nail bed of my split finger but seemed to have already been absorbed by the wound by the time the Finger Doctor examined it.  Now that the wound has healed somewhat and dried out, the so-called "absorbent stitches" are readily visible, and anything BUT absorbed.  I have one more appointment with the finger doctor who will probably want to pull them out, now that he can see them.  These are a bit thicker than the one he already pulled out, so I am not a big fan of that idea.

OK, it's after dinner now and the Etouffee' was enjoyed with much gusto.  The Wife and "kids" are watching "Practical Magic" (starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman), her, for like the umpteenth millionth time since we bought the disk.  I think maybe she likes this movie.  It's one of those tales that is wonderfully escapist for a Wiccan, as it's low on the bullshit quotient (except for the "real" magic and nasty dead guys) and full of romance.

The Wife and I drove a bit of a distance to visit the nearest Barnes and Noble bookstore, a cheap "vacation" for us these days, where we treated ourselves to Starbucks and a few books on sale.  I was amazed to stumble across another medieval murder mystery by the author of "The Mistress of the Art of Death", which I am currently enjoying.  It was also on sale for less than $7 which can only mean it was sitting there waiting for ME to come and get it.  It's called "The Serpent's Tale", in case you want to check these good reads out.

So far I have resisted the impulse to rant and/or rave about some injustice or act of utter stupidity being committed by mankind, and although at least one of my loyal followers has expressed disappointment in this, I'm willing to bet in the greater scheme of things, it hasn't been missed much at all.  But thank you anyway; the very idea that someone appreciated my efforts is, at the very least, equally appreciated.

Thus ends another lost weekend here at Pendragon Hold.  May you, my valued readers, find the simple joys within your own Hold, and like us, milk them for all they're worth.


jules said...

I remember that etouffee, if it's the same one you shared with us. Oh how delicious!

I love Practical Magic too. Love me some Sandra Bullock. That is a great movie.

Oh, I do so miss the rants. Maybe you could dedicate Full Moon to rants? You haven't closed it yet.

Loves ya~

Paul said...

Rant? RANT? Don't give in and go over to the other side. Stay here in the sunshine with me and put on your rose colored glasses. Si, Amigo?