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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Swan Song for an Era

OK, enough of this.  I've tried it but it's just not working.  There's love, and then there's the IDEA of being in love.  I was in love enough with the idea of Pendragon Hold as a place I wanted to write about to do it, and do it well, for quite some time, but times change, I have changed, and I can no longer do this concept justice, not with all the baggage I've collected and all the angst that has built up inside of me.  This series of blogs was written while I still had the ability to selectively chronicle events that lent themselves to being aired in public, while keeping those "other things we should not talk about" stuffed away in their dark, dank closets.  It never bothered me all that much when some anonymous reader felt it necessary to inform me as to how bad a writer I was, but when a family member takes issue with something I write, usually out of context, and bludgeons me over the head with it, then I have a problem.  I KNOW I am not a "writer", and never said I was, only that I love writing, and it's one of the last things I have left now that gives me any real pleasure, so if I'm going to continue doing it, I will have to do it under a more remote format.  Thus, I am putting to rest these chronicles for good, in order that from the ashes my phoenix might arise and through it's good graces save my soul from the ravages of utter despair.

But you four or five loyal readers of mine, please do no think I would find any pleasure in leaving you to fend for yourselves amongst all those fine, quality blogs that still exist; if you are willing to witness me unfettered with the real possibility that you might not like me very much afterwards, then I will be more than willing to send you the link to my new literary home when it is established.......IF it is established.

People grow, and change.  Me, it seems I simply mutate.  Or maybe I am simply willing to admit to being the creature I always was.  No one can imply you are a bad person and hope to inflict pain if you have accepted that yes, you are a bad person, or at least human, and simply no longer have the energy or desire to argue the point.  This is the price for being human.

Please send me link requests, or goodbyes, to my email or my comments, and I will most certainly do my best to keep you in my life.  And yes, those of you who still blog....I still visit.  Good blogs by good people are so hard to find these narrow days of Facebook and Twitter.

Blessed be.


jules said...

I have ALWAYS been willing to witness you unfettered...and do not for ONE MINUTE think you are a bad person.

Count me in, WHEN you begin again.

Loves ya~

jules said...

And...I bet I still will like you very much afterwards.

Judy Bracher Carmichael said...

Writing for writing's sake is a worthy endeavor. I believe that with all my heart. This is partly why I don't allow comments on my blog -- who can say what I think or feel is wrong, or criticize the way that I say it? And it troubles me greatly, that people can (and DO) comment without thinking about what I've said for a minute first.

One thing about this electronic media -- we have to control what we let in. I refuse to let in an entire world's worth of comments.

Paul said...

Michael, I've been on a two week hiatus. Sorry I didn't find and read this earlier.

Start that safe anonymous blog and be yourself. To hell with whether anyone likes it, agrees with it or has any opinion about your writing ability.

I'll be waiting for the link, amigo.

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